School Days Fancy Dress
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Geek Boy Costume
Geek Boy Costume, Green, with Top, Bow Tie and Glasses..
Geek Kit
Geek Kit, Tartan, with Glasses, Braces and Bow Tie..
Geek Specs
Geek Specs, Black, with Plaster..
Magnify Your Eyes Bug Eye Specs
Magnify Your Eyes Bug Eye Specs, Black..
Mortar Felt Board Hat
Mortar Felt Board Hat, Black, with Tassel, Deluxe..
Nerd Glasses
Nerd Glasses, Black..
Prefect Costume
Prefect Costume, Grey, with Top, Pleated Skirt and Mini Boater Hat..
Preppy Schoolgirl Costume
Preppy Schoolgirl Costume, Grey, with Shirt, Skirt, Blazer and Marabou Hair Ties..
Sassy Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig
Sassy Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig, Blonde, with Ribbon Ties..
School Girl Costume
School Girl Costume, Black, Dress, Attached Shirt, Tie and Boater Hat..
School Tie
School Tie, Red & Blue..
Schoolboy Costume
Schoolboy Costume, Grey, Blazer, Shirt Front & Tie, Shorts & Cap..
Schoolboy Set
Schoolboy Set, Black, with Wig and Glasses..
Schoolboy Specs
Schoolboy Specs, Black, No Lenses..
Schoolgirl / Dutch Wig
Schoolgirl / Dutch Wig, Blonde, Plaits with Ribbons..
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