1990's Fancy Dress
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90's Bowl Cut Wig
90's Bowl Cut Wig, Brown..
90's Boyband/Footballer Curtain Wig
90's Boyband/Footballer Curtain Wig, Blonde..
90's Braid Wig
90's Braid Wig, Brown, with Plaited Layers & Skin Parting..
90's Grunge Girl Wig
90's Grunge Girl Wig, Blonde, with Hat with Bunches..
90's Messy Surfer Guy Wig
90's Messy Surfer Guy Wig, Blonde, Two Tone..
90's Rapper Wig
90's Rapper Wig, Black, Quiff Wig with Highlight..
90's Rocker Kit
90's Rocker Kit, Auburn, with Wig, Bandana and Sunglasses..
90's TV Host Kit
90's TV Host Kit, Ginger, with Wig and Glasses..
Aerobics Instructor Costume
Aerobics Instructor Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Bodysuit, Hat & Bum Bag..
Baby Power Wig
Baby Power Wig, Blonde, with Pony Tails..
Britpop Wig
Britpop Wig, Brown..
Ginger Power, 1990's Icon Costume
Ginger Power, 1990's Icon Costume, Red & Blue, with Union Jack Dress..
Girl Power Wig
Girl Power Wig, Ginger, with Blonde Streaks..
Nineties Detective Wig
Nineties Detective Wig, Brown..
Party Starter Costume
Party Starter Costume, Blue, with Jumper, Wig and Nose Ring..
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