1980's Fancy Dress
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80's Attitude Wig
80's Attitude Wig, Multi-Coloured, Short & Spiky..
80's Bottle Wig
80's Bottle Wig, Blonde, Curly with Quiff..
80's Bunches Wig
80's Bunches Wig, Pink..
80's Fun Girl Costume
80's Fun Girl Costume, Black & Pink, with Dress, Top and Belt..
80's Fun Girl Crimp Wig
80's Fun Girl Crimp Wig, Red & Yellow..
80's Height of Fashion Shell Suit Costume
80's Height of Fashion Shell Suit Costume, Blue, with Jacket & Trousers..
80's Hip Hop Costume
80's Hip Hop Costume, Patterned, with Jacket, Trousers & Hat..
80's Lace Headband
80's Lace Headband, Black & Pink..
80's Lace Leggings
80's Lace Leggings, Black..
80's Long Mullet Wig
80's Long Mullet Wig, Blonde..
80's Mega Mullet Wig
80's Mega Mullet Wig, Blonde & Brown..
80's Mullet Wig
80's Mullet Wig, Blonde..
80's Party Mullet Wig
80's Party Mullet Wig, Glow in the Dark..
80's Pop Star Costume
80's Pop Star Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Top, Waistcoat, Hat & Braids..
80's Pop Tart Costume
80's Pop Tart Costume, Black & Yellow, with Top, Dress & Headband..
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