1960's Groovy Fancy Dress
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'60s Afro Wig
'60s Afro Wig, Auburn..
'60s Male Mod Wig
'60s Male Mod Wig, Brown..
'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion
'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion, Silver, with 44cm Chain..
'60s Psychedelic Wig
'60s Psychedelic Wig, Black, Short Bob..
1960's CND Slack Suit Costume
1960's CND Slack Suit Costume, Pink, with Top and Trousers..
1960's Groovy Baby
1960's Groovy Baby, Patterned, with Dress and Fringe Waistcoat..
1960's Groovy Guy Costume
1960's Groovy Guy Costume, with Shirt and High Waisted Flared Trousers..
1960's Hippy Costume
1960's Hippy Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Dress and Headband..
1960's Tie Dye Top and Flared Trousers
1960's Tie Dye Top and Flared Trousers, Multi-Coloured..
1960s CND Costume
1960s CND Costume, Multi-Coloured, Dress with Bell Sleeves..
1960s Groovy Lady
1960s Groovy Lady, Brown, with Dress, Printed Waistcoat and Headband..
1960s Hippie Beaded Headband
1960s Hippie Beaded Headband, Orange..
1960s Party Girl Costume
1960s Party Girl Costume, Black & White, with Dress and Hat..
1960s Tie Dye Costume
1960s Tie Dye Costume, Psychedellic, with Dress..
60's Beauty Queen Wig
60's Beauty Queen Wig, Blonde, Long with Bouffant and Fringe..
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