1950's Rock'n'Roll Fancy Dress
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1950's Petticoat
1950's Petticoat, White, Adjustable..
50's Bowling Shirt
50's Bowling Shirt, with Strike It Lucky Motifs..
50's College Jock Letterman Jacket
50's College Jock Letterman Jacket..
50's Diner Girl Costume
50's Diner Girl Costume, Pink, with Dress & Mini Hat..
50's Flicked Beehive Bob
50's Flicked Beehive Bob, Black, with Ribbon Bow..
50's Housewife Honey Kit
50's Housewife Honey Kit, Black & Red, with Apron, Pearl Necklace and Hair Bow..
50's Housewife Wig
50's Housewife Wig, Auburn..
50's Neck Scarf
50's Neck Scarf, Pink, Chiffon Style..
50's Quiff King Wig
50's Quiff King Wig, Black, with Sideburns..
50's Rock 'n' Roll Costume
50's Rock 'n' Roll Costume, Pink, with Dress, Belt & Neckscarf..
50s Style Poodle Costume
50s Style Poodle Costume, Red, with Dress, Scarf and Belt..
50s Style Specs
50s Style Specs, Black..
50s Style Teddy Boy Flick Comb
50s Style Teddy Boy Flick Comb, Black..
Curves 50's Pin Up Costume
Curves 50's Pin Up Costume, Black & Red, with Dress, Mock Cardigan, Belt & Headpiece..
Curves 50's Rebel Costume
Curves 50's Rebel Costume, Black, with Jacket & Hat..
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