National Horror Services
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Anatomy Man Costume
Anatomy Man Costume, Red, with Bodysuit and Mask..
Bandage Brain Hat
Bandage Brain Hat, Flesh..
Blood Drip Nurse Costume
Blood Drip Nurse Costume, White, Skirt, Corset, Bolero Jacket, Choker and Headpiece..
Bloody Nurse Kit
Bloody Nurse Kit, White, with Mask, Headpiece & Eyepatch, Blood Effect..
Doctor's Coat with Blood
Doctor's Coat with Blood, White..
Zombie Dentist Costume
Zombie Dentist Costume, Blue, with Top, Trousers, Face Mask & Latex Teeth..
Zombie Doctor Costume
Zombie Doctor Costume, Green, with Jacket, Attached Top, Trousers & Gloves..
Zombie Nurse Costume
Zombie Nurse Costume, White, with Dress, Mask & Headpiece..
Zombie Paramedic Costume
Zombie Paramedic Costume, Green, with Top, Trousers, Mask, Hair Net and Gloves..
Zombie Scrub Nurse Costume
Zombie Scrub Nurse Costume, Green, with Dress & Facemask..
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